Weird Alien

The Weird Alien on NDS.

The Weird Alien is a stuffed toy that falls under the category of "Etc." items. It can rarely be found on walks and sells for $600 at the Secondhand Shop. It makes an echoing sound when you throw it across the room, and dogs are usually scared of it. Sometimes it mysteriously moves a little by itself, though it seems inanimate.

The Weird Alien is the stereotype of what people think of when they think "alien". It is small, slender, blue, has a big head, and two large dark blue eyes. It lacks a nose, hair, or any other bodily detail.

The Weird Alien is also one of the more rare, valuable items, and can be very hard to find.


DS: "Its large, pale eyes are enchanting. It looks like a doll, but maybe it's real..."