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The Very Fine Vase (Japanese: とても良いつぼ Totemo yoitsu bo) is an item in Nintendogs that falls under the category of "Etc." in the Supplies.

It can be found during walks as hidden or normal gifts. It is more valuable than the Fine Vase-- hence the name-- and resembles ancient Chinese vases. This is a very rare item, and will shatter if the player attempts to place it on the floor (even gently). When it breaks, it disappears from the Supplies and a random amount of money is given.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs:
    (Home): "There appears to be something inside the vase. (Note: Vase is fragile.)"
    (Secondhand Shop): "This period piece will fetch a very high price."

How to Obtain

The Very Fine Vase can be found rarely on walks as a present. It sells for $200 at the Secondhand Shop.

Chihuahua & Friends Found on Walks
Labrador & Friends Found on Walks
Dachshund & Friends Found on Walks
Dalmatian & Friends Found on Walks
Best Friends Found on Walks

In Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese とても良いつぼ
French Vase très précieux
Spanish Jarrón de porcelana