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Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats come in multiple versions, and each of them have Version-exclusive Content. They can range from starting Dog Breeds, Food, and various items that can be found on walks.

Obtaining all of the version-exclusive content in one version can be done by communicating with another, either with Bark Mode or the StreetPass feature included in the Journal.


While Dalmatian & Friends and Best Friends are separate versions, Best Friends shares if not exactly the same, but similar content as Dachshund & Friends and Dalmatian & Friends shares content with Chihuahua & Friends.

List of Version-exclusive Content

chihuaua & friends: pizza disc, modest decor record, party hat, starter breed chihuaua.

lab & friends: lifering, shedded fur record, puppy waltz box. Dachshund & friends: dartboard, waves record, beret, pug starter breed.


  • Version-exclusive content from video games are likely based off franchises like Pokémon, Robopon, or Medabots.
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