This wiki... is soon moving it's doors into Miraheze. After almost 11 years being in Wikia. now called FANDOM.


What happend?

The Wiki had a problematic life. Because of the departure of "Nintendog Master" since Nintendog's Wiki first day of existince... The wiki was the spot of vandalisim because the Volunteer Spam Task Force (VSTF for short) didn't existed at the time or did not cared about this then-neglected wiki. Although with that some users tried fixing the wiki and adding more helpful pages and revert the vandalisim.

Before 2017. There were only two staff. Jellse and XxTimberlakexx. In 2014, Jellse vanished from the wiki before returning for a short time in November 2015 before vanishing again. This meant that Timber was the only staff. (Wiki  Adoption Archives shows that Vhehs2 was also a staff but left in 2011). Speaking of Wiki Adoption, Timber adopted the wiki in 2013 but it seems that it didn't helped a lot. It had to be until mid-2017 when SodaDog adopted the wiki. December 2017 was when DreamIsland which had the name of "RoPeloChaz" got admin.

What about now?