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I'm sorry for the lack of activity recently! I'm very busy but should be back properly soon!

☆ About Me ☆

Hi! I'm CowboyPuppy, but you can call me Phoenix :D

I've loved Nintendogs ever since my 6th birthday in 2008, when I got my first ever Nintendogs game, Labrador & Friends. The first dog I ever had was a Miniature Schnauzer named Fluffy, and after that, I had two more— a chocolate lab named Daisy, and a tricolour Shiba named Demi (yes, after Demi Lovato... ;P). And thus began my 14-year-long Nintendogs obsession.

I've never stopped loving Nintendogs, however I wasn't able to get a 3DS along with Nintendogs + Cats (Golden & New Friends) until 2018, for my 16th birthday. My first N+C dog was an agouti Shiba named Sascha, followed by a cocker spaniel, Eggsy (named after the Kingsman character, naturally), and a tricolour basset hound, Townes.

Now, I'm 20, and I still love Nintendogs with all my heart ♥ I own every game (just missing the JP versions), but right now I mainly play Lab & Friends (DS), and Toy Poodle & New Friends (3DS).


☆ Current Pets - Nintendogs ☆

Image Name Name Origin Gender Breed Date Adopted Version
Zoë N/A Female Tricolour Corgi June 2014 Lab & Friends
Nacho N/A Male Sable & White w/ Blaze Corgi July 2014 Lab & Friends
Bambi Disney's 'Bambi' Female "Variation 3" Jack Russell Terrier April 2022 Lab & Friends
Cash Johnny Cash Male Tricolour Shetland Sheepdog December 2019 Chihuahua & Friends
Harley Harley Quinn Female Brown German Shepherd May 2022 Best Friends
きせき Kiseki キセキヒカル - Aqours (song) Female Red Shiba Inu April 2022 Shiba & Friends
たろ Taro N/A Male Sable Shetland Sheepdog April 2022 Shiba & Friends
☆ Donated Pets - Nintendogs ☆

*There are no images for these pets.
Name Gender Breed Date Adopted Version
Day Female Brown German Shepherd August 2014 Lab & Friends
Yuri Female Red Shiba Inu August 2014 Lab & Friends
Mari Female Black Pug August 2014 Lab & Friends
Taizo Male White Shiba Inu August 2014 Lab & Friends
Chase Male Black Labrador Retriever August 2014 Lab & Friends
Dakota Female Yellow Labrador Retriever August 2014 Lab & Friends
Desiree Female White Toy Poodle August 2014 Lab & Friends
Mason Male Gold Shih Tzu August 2014 Lab & Friends
Klestis Female Black Shih Tzu August 2014 Lab & Friends
Charlie Male Fawn Boxer August 2014 Lab & Friends
Keeta Female Dark Brindle Boxer August 2014 Lab & Friends
Star Female Black & Tan Miniature Dachshund August 2014 Lab & Friends
Emily Female Tricolor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel August 2014 Lab & Friends
Lily Female Golden Red Golden Retriever August 2014 Lab & Friends
Belle Female Black & Red Yorkshire Terrier August 2014 Dachshund & Friends
Dixon Male Bicolour Shetland Sheepdog August 2014 Dachshund & Friends
Lucy Female Sable Shetland Sheepdog August 2014 Dachshund & Friends
Poppy Female Bicolour Shetland Sheepdog August 2014 Dachshund & Friends

Yes... I was an extremely indecisive child ^^;


☆ Current Pets - Nintendogs + Cats ☆

Image Name Name Origin Gender Breed Date Adopted Version
Townes Carolina - Harry Styles (song) Female Brown Spotted Labrador Retriever April 2022 Toy Poodle
Maybelle N/A Female Black & Tan Pomeranian April 2022 Toy Poodle
Pirate Pirate (RDO horse) Male Sable & White Shetland Sheepdog May 2022 Toy Poodle
Micah (2).png
Micah Micah Bell Male Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel May 2022 Toy Poodle
Béa N/A Female Gold & Beige RoboPup May 2022 Toy Poodle
Mango Mango (RDO camp dog) Male Lemon & White Golden Retriever May 2022 Toy Poodle
Tilly Tilly Jackson Female Lemon & White Beagle May 2022 Golden Retriever
Sylvie N/A Female Brown Piebald Miniature Pinscher May 2022 Golden Retriever
Atlas Atlas (Greek mythology) Male White German Shepherd May 2022 French Bulldog
2023-06-01 09-55-30.635 top-removebg-preview.png
Calypso Calypso (Greek mythology) Female Black German Shepherd June 2022 French Bulldog
☆ Donated Pets - Nintendogs + Cats☆

Name Gender Breed Date Adopted Version
No image.png
Wasp Male Black Smoke Longhair Cat April 2022 Toy Poodle
Mercury Male Monochrome Lemon & White Cocker Spaniel May 2022 Golden Retriever
Eddie Male Lemon & White Basset Hound May 2022 Toy Poodle


☆ To-Do List ☆

This is just for myself (and possibly the admins) to use as a reference to know what I plan on working on here in the future :] These are in no particular order. Links are for my own ease of access!

- Replace low-quality images on various item pages
- Update various pages to include relevant information & match layout to other existing wiki pages
- Add PAL descriptions & character names (if any are missing)
- Add missing images to tricks pages
- Add European item names for each item
- Add needed missing pages
- Add Japanese in-game descriptions to all items
- Finish adding Japanese SpotPass DLC info
- Finish adding information tables to Supplies page
- Make a comprehensive 'Shopping' page - info on all the shops in Nintendogs & N+C, clerks
- Change layout of Sunglasses page to match Flying Discs & Collars pages.

☆ Other things I'm working on ☆

- Research on how personalities are determined in Nintendogs + Cats - More info [HERE]
- Getting screenshots for all missing required images


☆ Gallery ☆

☆ Nintendogs ☆

☆ Nintendogs + Cats ☆


☆ Trivia ☆

- I am autistic, and Nintendogs has been my special interest for the past 14 years!
- My favourite dog breeds in Nintendogs are Shetland Sheepdogs, Basset Hounds & RoboPups.
- I own the pink special edition Nintendogs DS Lite.
- I also loved a lot of other pet simulation games growing up (and still do!), but mostly various games from the Petz series.
- I used to run a Nintendogs blog in 2014, where I documented my progress. I am still playing on the same Lab & Friends save file now as I was then!
- I used to collect the Nintendogs Trick Trainers when I was younger.

Thank you to FourFlames and Centrixe for profile inspiration! ☺ ♥