HNI 0001Jump

A Jack Russel learning to jump in Nintendogs + Cats.

A Trick is an action that a dog of any breed can perform throughout the Nintendogs series. They can learn tricks by sitting down, allowing the player to say the command. If they do it enough times, the dog will learn it.

About TricksEdit

The first trick the dog will learn is Sit, at the beginning of the game.

Tricks are required to get to a higher level in the Obedience Trial. As they move up levels, the tricks they learn will get harder to memorise and the rewards will be bigger.

List of TricksEdit


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Nintendogs + CatsEdit

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  • If you get enough owner points in Nintendogs + Cats, your dog can learn special tricks, like when you get 1,000 owner points your dog can learn to Beg, Handstand, and even Breakdance
  • American dog trainer Peter Goudanis provided reference points and animation advice for most of the tricks used in this game. He had recommended to add in a 'peanutbutter trick' but lead developer Garrett Chaplinsky noted publicly that the trick had to be scrapped before launch due to regional insensitivity.