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The Toy Poodle (French: Caniche) is a breed of dog available in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. It is the mascot of Toy Poodle & New Friends.

Breed Information

Official artwork of the Toy Poodle for Nintendogs + Cats

The Toy Poodle is one of the brightest and easiest breeds to train, as it is the second smartest breed in the world, losing only to the Border Collie. It is alert, responsive, playful, lively, sensitive, and eager to please.

Originally, the Standard Poodle was bred as a European water retriever and hunting dog, with its name being German for "Puddle." It was later bred down to Toy and Miniature size.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs: "French in origin, poodles are highly intelligent and physically capable. They make excellent show dogs."
  • Nintendogs + Cats:
    (NTSC):"This toy breed originated in France and is known for its cuddly, plush coat."
    (PAL):"This toy breed originated in France and is known for its thick fluffy coat."

Unlocking the Breed


Chihuahua & Friends Obtain 8,000 Trainer Points
Labrador & Friends Starter Breed
Dachshund & Friends Obtain 22,000 Trainer Points
Dalmatian & Friends Obtain 14,000 Trainer Points
Best Friends Obtain 8,000 Trainer Points
Chihuahua & FriendsJA Obtain 25,000 Trainer Points
Shiba Inu & FriendsJA Starter Breed
Dachshund & FriendsJA Obtain 4,000 Trainer Points

Nintendogs + Cats

Toy Poodle & New Friends Starter Breed
Golden Retriever & New Friends Obtain 9,800 Owner Points
Play for 31 days in a row
French Bulldog & New Friends Obtain 9,800 Owner Points
Play for 31 days in a row

In Nintendogs

In Nintendogs, Toy Poodles are selected by color. There are three options: Brown, Black, and White.

In Nintendogs + Cats

Toy Poodles in Nintendogs + Cats have a different adoption method in that their "color" choices are actually by muzzle type and not by color. This means that any batch of poodles can have a diverse set of colors as long as they have the same muzzle type. There are two muzzle types: clipped and fluffy.

Surprise Me!

If the player chooses "Surprise Me!" they may find these special bicolor variations for whatever muzzle type they have selected:

  • a black & red Toy Poodle
  • a black & tan Toy Poodle
  • a gray & tan Toy Poodle
  • a gray & white Toy Poodle


Nintendogs + Cats



Nintendogs + Cats


  • In Nintendogs + Cats, the black fluffy muzzle poodle doesn't seem to be as dark as the black clipped muzzle poodle.
  • It made an appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series, as a spirit, trophy and most important, as an assist trophy.
  • The most notable Nintendogs are charming_cooper (the labradoodle owned by Twitter comedian SNYoehlerVFX) and KooperTheKramer (a labradoodle owned by Instagram comedian SNLYoshi21).