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Ted Rumsworth (Japanese: 鈴木ハジメ Suzuki Hajime) is a character in the Nintendogs series. In the West, he is depicted as a trim businessman who wears glasses and a blue shirt, and in Japan and China, he is depicted as an East Asian man with round black glasses.


In Nintendogs

Ted runs dog contests as the announcer, along with his associate Archie Hubbs. He usually asks Archie questions about the player's dogs and often responds lightly to Archie's witty comments.

Ted Rumsworth's appearance is completely different in the Japanese and Chinese versions of Nintendogs; he is changed to an Asian gentleman as opposed to the brown-haired gentleman seen in other versions.

In Nintendogs + Cats

Ted reprises his role as the game's primary dog show announcer, this time managing the contests by himself. His facial features have been compressed; less of his forehead is visible, and his glasses frames are smaller. He also appears to be wearing a red tie.



  • "Here to cover the action is your announcer Ted Rumsworth and my friend and associate, Archie Hubbs!"
  • "Are you as excited as me, Archie?"
  • "...You may want to think about where that tongue's been, Archie."
  • "That's a [Dog Breed], Archie. How long have you been sitting on that joke, anyway?"
  • "Uh, [Dog Name] is a [Dog Breed], Archie. But good metaphor."
  • "Archie, that's a [Dog Breed]."
  • "It hasn't even started yet, Archie."
  • "...Yes. So with that, let's begin!"
  • "He/She can't hold it any longer!"
  • "Oh, no..."
  • "...And that looks like that was our last participant! Today's trial has officially ended."
  • "So just how will [Dog Name] measure up in the eyes of our three judges?"
  • "Yes. In any case, could it be enough to earn a ribbon for [Dog Name]?"
  • "ANYWAY! It's time for the judges' announcement!"
  • "[Trainer Name]'s dog [Dog Name]... finished with faults of [Fault Number] points and a time of [Time Number] leaving him/her out of the rankings."
  • In third place with a total score of [Score Number] is [Owner Name]'s [Dog Breed], [Dog Name]!
  • "And the [Dog Breed]'s score is [Score Number]!"
  • "This marks [Number of 1st place victories] consecutive victories for [Dog name]! Just how much further can he/she go on this winning streak?"
  • "And the next time we'll be seeing [Dog Name] will be in the [Name of Class]."
  • "(Trainer Name)'s dog (Dog Name) finished with... a score of (Score Number) leaving him/her out of the rankings. Too bad!"
  • "[Dog Name]! Next up for you is the [Name of Class]!"
  • "That...doesn't make any sense. Anyway, next time we'll be seeing [Dog Name] will be in the (name of class)."
  • "That's just terrific, Archie. Next time we see [Dog Name] will be in the [Name of Class]."
  • "...And that wraps up things for today, folks! This is your announcer Ted Rumsworth and commentator Archie Hubbs signing off."

Nintendogs + Cats

  • "Nobody chases lures quite like [Dog Name] and [Trainer Name]! They're absolute animals!"
  • "The chase for plastic toys doesn't get more serious than this. These puppies are all business!"
  • "Wow-- [Dog Name] is in top condition today! We could see an incredible performance."


  • Ted Rumsworth is one of the only two recurring characters in the franchise, the other being Archie Hubbs.