The Stuffed Dog in 3DS version

The Stuffed Dog is a pink stuffed toy dog. It can be found during walks in the DS and 3DS versions. The stuffed dog sells for $50 in the DS version at the Secondhand Shop while it sells for $12 in the 3DS version. In the 3DS version both dogs and cats will play with this toy. On the DS version, it has floppy legs and tail, whereas on the 3DS version, it seems very firm, making it possibly a newer toy. The description says its a "Perfect" playmate for a lonely puppy, likely meaning it will cheer up a dog if you only have one or cannot afford more. This is a better toy for lonely dogs than the Stuffed Bear, and they like this more and are less likely to be scared of it, possibly because it resembles a dog. Woof


DS: "This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for a lonely puppy."

3DS: "This stuffed animal is the perfect playmate for puppies or kittens."

where to findEdit

You are most likely to find a Stuffed Dog on these two routes:


Trivia Edit

  • Unlike in the original, this item looks unusually stiff or hard.