Regular, pastel, and monochrome Calicos.

The Standard Cat is a cat in Nintendogs + Cats that costs $880. This kitten can come in white with black and orange patches, and white with pale black and orange patches (pastel), if Calico is chosen from the kennels. The patches come in different arrangements, providing the player with variety to choose from. However, the player may sometimes find a Calico in an odd sort of monochrome pattern (white with patches in two different shades of gray, being silver and blue), or you may, for some strange reason, find a brown-and-white or more rarely a gray-and-white kitten with a tuxedo cat pattern. Just like in real life, most of the Calicos are female, so it's hard to find a male. The cats of this coloring may come in a regular cat build or a shorter-legged somewhat smaller variant reminiscent of the munchkin cat.

Cats may also be Tabby, with stripes, Tabby Spotted, with additional spots, or Solid, with only one coat colour.


3DS: "This well-proportioned kitten is healthy and playful -- and not fussy about its owner."


  • This is the cheapest animal breed in Nintendogs + Cats.


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