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From the community

We are a low-activity wiki, but your contributions could make it better!

  • Make sure to visit this page for guidelines on editing and page formatting.
  • Category/ grouping issues, rollbacks and page deletion are moderator/admin actions and will require contacting one of them first.

Community To-Do List

Missing Persons

The Characters page is missing several characters (mostly clerks), quotes, and images.


Photos are always appreciated! Some pages could REALLY use it.

How are Personalities Coded?

The Personalities page is in need of someone who can search the game's code for how personalities work!

Page Formatting

Most of the issues you can help with are in page formatting. A majority of the Item pages need to be updated to the modern page format (good example is the Gold Bar page) which includes

  • an infobox
  • sections for "In-Game Description" and "How to Obtain".

To hunt for pages that need reformatting, go to "Explore" on the navbar and keep clicking "Random Page" until you find an item that needs help. If the page does not meet the above requirements, it will need help.

Item pages will often already include the in-game description, just not written in the proper format.

TIP: Check the source editor on the Gold Bar page to see how the source code works. It is generally easier to do this on a computer.

--Four (talk) 22:20, 20 October 2020 (UTC)

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