The purple pearl ribbon

Ribbons (DS)/Bows (3DS) are accessories that go onto a dog's neck or ears. The location of the ribbon or bow on the dog depends on the shape of the dog's ears. If the dog has ears that flop down (such as a labrador, golden retriever, dachshund, or cavalier), there will be two ribbons or bows, one on each ear. If the dog has ears that point up (such as a chihuahua, german shepherd, boxer, or husky), there will be one ribbon or bow that appears on the dog's neck, like a bow tie. Unlike other things, each ribbon has their own description.


Checked Ribbon

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.23.06 PM

Checked Ribbon DS

DS: "This red gingham check pattern is popular with female puppies."

Red Checkered Bow

3DS: "This red gingham check-pattern bow is perfect for little ladies."

Blue Checkered Bow

3DS: "This blue gingham check-pattern bow is discreet and neat."

Striped Ribbon

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Striped Ribbon DS

DS: "This gorgeous ribbon is perfect for taking your pup out on the town."

Red Polka-Dot Ribbon and Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon

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Blue Polka-Dot ribbon (DS)

DS: "This plain design recalls simpler days. The polka dot design comes in two colors."

3DS (Blue): "This retro polka-dot pattern is a great choice for casual wear."

Pink Polka-Dot Bow

3DS: "This cute, puffy bow has a certain retro appeal."

Tricolor Ribbon DS/Bows 3DS

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.45.04 PM

A poodle wearing tricolor ribbons in the DS version

DS: "This fashionable multicolored ribbon gives off a distinctly French flavor."

3DS NTSC: "Looking for a distinctly French flavor? Try this colorful ribbon."

3DS PAL: "These fashionable ribbons give off a distinctly French flavor."

Red Ribbon DS/Red Bow 3DS

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.21.53 PM

Red Ribbon DS

DS: "This simple design suits boys or girls. It comes in two standard colors."

3DS: "This classic little bow looks great and is always in style."

Yellow Ribbon DS/Yellow Bow 3DS

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 10.22.37 PM

Yellow Ribbon DS

DS: "This simple design suits both boy and girl pups. The basic ribbon comes in two colors."

3DS: "This simple design will look great on both puppies and kittens."

Purple Pearl Ribbon and Green Pearl Ribbon (Bow in 3DS)

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 6.45.47 PM

A Shiba Inu pup wearing the purple pearl ribbon in the DS version

DS: "This high-quality ribbon lends class to its wearer. Pearl ribbons come in two colors."

3DS (Purple): "This refined satin bow has a large pearl set in the center."

3DS (Green): "Dressing to impress? Try this bow adorned with a huge pearl."

Fancy Bow

3DS: "This extravagant bow is adorned with a sparkling ruby."

Black-Striped Bow

3DS: "This striped bow is a good pick for a night on the town."

Red-Striped Bow

3DS: "Pets look especially dapper in this classy striped bow."

Fancy magic

Fancy bow


  • In the original, most Characters wear the Striped Ribbon, because it is "Perfect for taking your pup out in the town."
HNI 0086 (7)

A pomeranian wearing the blue polka-dotted bows

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