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Records are music discs that can be played for the player's pets in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. In Nintendogs the records can scare dogs, make them angry, reset their mood, or make them bark along to the music. In Nintendogs + Cats the records have similar but limited effects, and can make pets dance or lull them to sleep.

Pets will only react to a record if it is played onscreen- if the record is being played in the background, they will be unaffected.

A few records are exclusive to certain game versions (in Nintendogs they are called Archie's four secret records), for example, the Shredded Fur Record is exclusive to Labrador & Friends.

Nintendogs Records

Nintendogs + Cats Records


  • Similar to the Music Box, three of Archie's records are version-exclusives in the three original Nintendogs versions. The fourth Archie title, the Giant Socks Record, is found in all versions.