RC Helicopter

The RC Helicopter on NDS.Very Rare Item.

RC Helicopter is a toy that can be found on walks in all versions of Nintendogs and its 3DS sequel in the Downtown BARC and is about the same size as the Combat Copter. It sells for $200 in the Secondhand Shop while it sells for $32 in the 3DS version. Its first-person view lets you get an interesting view on everything, especially in 3D, when you take photos.


DS: "This radio-contolled helicopter lets you fly in your own living room."

3DS: "Take to the skies with A in this radio-controlled helicopter."

Controls Edit

Hold A to take off, the D-Pad (or the circle pad in the 3DS version) to maneuver, and L (or X in the 3DS version) to change the camera view to first person.