The Pull Rope is an item that falls under the category of "Toys" in the Supplies. It is a blue rope that you can use to play tug-of-war with your dog. It cannot be found on walks, however it is occasionally purchasable for around $5-$7 at the Discount Shop once you have enough Trainer Points. It sells for $3.20 at the Secondhand Shop.


DS: "This light, yet sturdy bone-shaped rope is ideal for dogs that like tugs-of-war."

How to UseEdit

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A Jack Russell Terrier wearing a Pumpkin Collar grabs the Pull Rope to play tug-of-war.

Let your dog grab the Pull Rope. When your dog brings the rope to you, grab the other end. Your dog will start pulling and stretching the rope. (It won't break.) If you keep pulling without letting go, your dog will keep pulling too. If you pull up hard enough, your dog will be pulled off the ground, if you swing it round and let go it will 'fly' across the room.

Another way to play requires two to three dogs. Throw the Pull Rope in the room, park, kennel or any other place. Let one dog grab it and wait for another dog to pull the other end to play puppy tug-of-war.

If one dog grabs it but the other refuses to play, have your dogs come to you (whistle or tap the screen) and dangle the rope above the dogs' heads. One will inevitably grab on. Then, let go of the rope, and watch your puppies play tug-of-war.