A Promise Ring is a diamond ring that is under the category of Etc. that can be found on walks very rarely. It can be sold for $1,000 in the Secondhand Shop or Mr. Recycle. To gain this item more easily, the player's dog is recommended to wear a Lucky Collar and/or a Clover Clock. It is also recommended for the player to have a Gold Bar to increase their chances of getting it. In the 3DS version, cats sometimes find the ring and will give it to the player in the form of a present box, after they exit and re-enter the house,or a dog may find it hidden in a grass patch while during a walk, also in a present form. This toy can be quite frustrating, because it is so small that it is nearly impossible to get out of your puppy's mouth.

Description Edit

DS: "This beautiful diamond ring scintillates. It cost three months' salary."

3DS: "This beautiful, scintillating ring is a symbol of pure devotion."