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The Dog Hotel in Nintendogs

The Pet Hotel (Japanese: ホテル Hotel), known as the Dog Hotel (Japanese: ドッグホテル Dog Hotel) in Nintendogs is a place where the player can drop off or pick up their dogs or cats. The service is free of charge, and allows the owner to have more than three pets in their care.

Also, players have the option to donate a pet if they don't want to see them any more. Doing this won't give the player a refund, or anything else and the game will save automatically.

In Nintendogs

Pet Hotel Icon.png

The Dog Hotel is accessible from the "Go Out" menu, and can be used to store dogs or pick them up from the hotel. It doesn't cost the player any money and can be used to get more than three dogs. The player must leave a separate dog at home before they're allowed to store one. Up to five dogs can be stored in the hotel, leaving the player to have a total of eight dogs.

The place also has the option to donate a dog. Doing this will permanently remove the dog from the care, making the player never ever see it ever again. This doesn't give the player any money--as they're not selling the pet-- nor does it cause them to lose/gain any Trainer Points in their profile. The owner must be certain they no longer want the pet, as once donated, the game saves automatically.

In Nintendogs + Cats

The Pet Hotel in Nintendogs + Cats.

The place returns in Nintendogs + Cats, now known as the Pet Hotel or Altesse (Japanese: アルテッセ Arutesse). It is run by somebody named Drew.

This place exactly functions as it does in the original game, now having the ability to house cats and swap out pets. Only this time, up to three pets can only be stored, allowing the owner to only have a total of six pets. Like the predecessor, cats can be donated aswell rather than just dogs and doing so won't give the player any money or Owner Points.



  • It is unknown why three pets can be stored in Nintendogs + Cats rather than five in Nintendogs.
  • It is the only shop in Nintendogs + Cats where the dogs aren't seen wandering in front of the counter.
  • In real life, a hotel wouldn't technically be considered "shopping".