Owner Points appear in Nintendogs + Cats, which can be earned to unlock new items and features. The system almost works like the Trainer Points in Nintendogs, with a few changes included. Earning points can be done in various ways, from feeding the pet to taking it into contests.

One pet can earn a maximum of 200 points per day.


Each dog or cat can earn a maximum of 200 Owner Points per day, so if the player has 3 pets at home, they can earn up to 600 Owner Points. The maximum amount of Owner Points that can be earned daily is 1200 if the player has the maximum number of pets (6 pets total, 3 at home and 3 using the Pet Hotel).

Players can also earn Owner Points with different pets found on walks at the park or Café, though they cannot earn any Owner Points from StreetPass/SpotPass dogs, or pets they meet at the kennel. In order for the player to view the amount of Owner Points one dog or cat has earned, they need to click on the pet's icon at the top left when viewing its status. Next to the heart in a thought bubble, it tells them how much they earned with that pet. Total Owner Points of the player can be found by viewing the Journal, clicking on the Mii icon, and looking at the top right-hand corner of the top screen

Owner Point Accumulation

  • Call a pet by saying their name out loud = 2 points
  • Practice a trick via a voice command = 2 points
  • Feed a pet = 8pts (Wet, Diet, Dry, or Fine Food), 6pts (Formula), 3pts (Water)
  • Give the pet a treat = 0.33 points w/green sparkle or 0.5 points w/blue sparkle or 1 points w/pink/purple sparkle
  • Groom/Bathe the pet = 5 points (Shampoo), 10 points (Premium Shampoo)
  • Place first in a contest = 20 points
  • Place second in a contest = 10 points
  • Place third in a contest = 5 points
  • Take the dog for a walk = 20 points once a day
  • Buy food at Café Petrov = ? points
  • Give the pet a toy = 4 to 7 points
  • Interact with the pet = 1 to 2 points
  • Get a StreetPass = ?? points
  • Having your pet play with other dogs/cats= 1 point

Owner Point Deduction

  • Leaving your pets unattended for mutiple days.
  • Unsuccessful friendship with another dog.
  • Forgetting to obey scoop laws on walks.
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Overworking your pets.
  • Annoying the dog (Touching its back paw, touching its tail, etc.)
  • Playing records that scare the dog (especially Surprise Beat Record)
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