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Owner Points (Japanese: 飼い主ポイント Kainushi Pointo) appear in Nintendogs + Cats, and unlock new items and features. The system works similarly to Trainer Points in Nintendogs. Earning Owner Points can be done in various ways, such as feeding, brushing, and playing with toys.


Each individual pet earns Heart Points, and Owner Points are the cumulative point total of every pet a player has owned (this is occasionally rounded down by 1 or 2 points for unknown reasons). Each dog or cat can earn a maximum of 200 Heart Points per day. This means that if a player only owns 1 pet, they can only earn up to 200 Owner Points a day—but if they own 2 pets, they can earn up to 400 Owner Points a day. A player with the maximum 6 pets could earn up to 1,200 Owner Points a day.

Donating a pet to the Pet Hotel does not lower the player's Owner Points.

In order for the player to view the amount of Heart Points one dog or cat has earned, they need to view its status and then touch the pet's picture. This will bring up a new window with the pet's personality and also the pet's Heart Point total next to a speech bubble with a heart in it.

Total Owner Points can be checked by viewing the Journal, touching the Mii & envelope icon in the lower-right corner, and then looking at the top-right corner of the top screen. Every few seconds, the top-right info will switch to showing the StreetPass tags total instead.

Owner Point Accumulation

Action Owner Points Awarded
Calling a pet by saying their name out loud 2 Owner Points
Practicing a trick via a voice command 2 Owner Points
Giving the pet a toy 4 to 7 Owner Points
Interacting with the pet 1 to 2 Owner Points
Having your pet play with other dogs/cats 1 Owner Point
Giving the pet a treat
  • 1 Owner Point w/pink/purple sparkle
  • 0.5 Owner Points w/blue sparkle
  • 0.33 Owner Points w/green sparkle,
Feeding a pet
Grooming/Bathing the pet
Taking the dog for a walk 20 Owner Points once a day
Placing first in a contest 20 Owner Points
Placing second in a contest 10 Owner Points
Placing third in a contest 5 Owner Points
Buying food at Café Petrov ?? Owner Points
Getting a StreetPass ?? Owner Points

Owner Point Deduction

Aside from points lost due to not playing for multiple days, deducted points are easily earned again and do not appear to impact the 200 max points a pet can earn each day.

Leaving your pets unattended for multiple days
Unsuccessful friendship with another dog
Forgetting to obey scoop laws on walks
Pulling on the leash
Overworking your pets
Annoying the dog (Touching its back paw, touching its tail, etc.)
Playing records that scare the dog (especially Surprise Beat Record)

Owner Point Unlockables

Main article: Owner_Points/Unlockable_Items

Notably, Owner Points are not the only way to unlock features in Nintendogs + Cats. Players can also unlock features by playing for a certain amount of days. The very last unlock occurs at 11,400 Owner Points or playing for 35 days.


  • Players can earn Heart Points with NPC pets found at the parks or Café Petrov, but they reset to 0 after each encounter and do not add to the total Owner Points a player has.

  • Because Owner Points are not deducted when a player donates a pet to the Pet Hotel, this means a particularly wealthy player could grind many Owner Points in a day by adopting pets, getting them to 200 Heart Points, and then immediately donating them to the Hotel.

  • Some quick ways to earn Owner Points are practicing tricks with pets (dogs only) or repeatedly throwing out alternating toys such as Soccer Balls, Tippy Toys, and other toys that cannot be picked up (dogs and cats).