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The Oriental Cat (Japanese: オリエンタル Orientaru) is a type of cat which only appears in Nintendogs + Cats.

Breed Information

The Oriental Pointed kitten is meant to represent the Siamese, a traditional Chinese cat that was bred in Siam to strengthen its more distinctive features. All Siamese cats have blue eyes, though the in-game Pointed Orientals do not always have these.

The Oriental Smoke kitten is meant to represent the oriental shorthair, a breed of cat whose body, face, tail and legs are longer than an ordinary cat's. Though the oriental shorthair originated in the United States around the 1950s, many of its features were bred from stock in Thailand.

In-Game Description

Nintendogs + Cats: "Its sleek body and well-defined face give this cat an air of wisdom and maturity."

In Nintendogs + Cats

The Oriental type kitten comes in two color patterns: Pointed and Smoke. The Oriental also has a "Surprise Me!" option.


Pointed Oriental yellow ginger, silver and brown

The Pointed pattern is very similar to a purebred Siamese. These kittens are white with color points on the face, ears, legs, and tail. Point colors include lemon, ginger, brown, silver and black.

Other parts of the body, such as the cat's back, may be tinted with their point color. Point colors can also come in different shapes.

Unlike Siamese cats, the Pointed Oriental kittens do not always have blue eyes.


The Smoke (or Oriental Shorthair) pattern of Oriental comes in a somewhat smoky coat pattern, sometimes solid and sometimes with a white mask. The mask can include white eyebrow markings.

Smoke Oriental.

Smoke cats can be black, brown, tan, blue, silver, and ginger. The picture to the right shows the mask with eyebrow markings, the regular mask, and a kitten with no mask.

Smoke Oriental cats can look very similar to Solid Standard cats. The key distinction is that the Standard Cat type is bulkier than the Oriental type.

Surprise Me!

White Oriental Kitten.

The "Surprise Me!" option randomizes kittens from the Pointed and Smoke options. If chosen by the player, they may find:

  • crimson-brown Oriental (pointed or smoke)
  • deep reddish brown Oriental (pointed or smoke)
  • pinkish brown Oriental (pointed or smoke)
  • pure white Oriental


  • It may be the only example of a true purebred cat in the games.
  • It has been noted by scientists that the color points on pointed cats like Siamese are the areas of the cat's body that have a cooler temperature.
  • It is the second-cheapest animal breed in the sequel.


Pointed Oriental

Smoke Oriental