Obedience Trials (Japanese: ドッグコンテスト Dog Contest) are a type of contest in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. It is the only contest to be played on an AR card in the 3DS version.


The player has to teach the dogs the tricks required to learn before entering an Obedience Trial. It is said that, if the player is playing Nintendogs, grooming or bathing his/her dog until it sparkles might make the judges give more points. If the player is playing Nintendogs + Cats, the player must have one AR Card to display the dog on. In the DS, the owner gets $2000 if they get 1st place in Championship.

In Nintendogs, if the dog performs the wrong trick, the bottom screen will say "Miss!"

In the 3DS, the owner gets a pair of victory specs if they get 1st place in the Nintendogs Cup. The player can only receive one victory specs per pet.

Tricks needed to teach


  • Beginner Class: Sit, Shake, and Lie Down.
  • Open Class: Rollover, and Spin
  • Expert Class & Above: Jump, and Beg
  • There also is a Free Performance at the end of each class

Nintendogs + Cats

  • Junior Cup: Sit Down, Left Paw and Right Paw
  • Amateur Cup: Lie Down, Play Dead, and Spin.
  • Pro Cup: Sit Up, Jump, and Roll Over
  • Master Cup: Sneeze, Say Please, Stand Up, and Cheer
  • Nintendogs Cup: Beg, Handstand and Breakdance

It is also required that the player not only teach the dog these tricks, but also continue practicing, as it is required in some parts of the competition to hold certain tricks for given amount of time, which can be difficult to pull off if you don't practice.


  • In Nintendogs, one can earn $2,000.00 if their dog places 1st in the Championship.
  • in front of the Beginner Class of the Disc Competition, the Beginner Class of the Obedience Trial can be seen.




Nintendogs + Cats

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