The Nintendogs Franchise started out in 2005, with the first DS versions being released in that year and in 2006. Later, they brought the series back to life with Nintendogs + Cats.

History Edit

Nintendogs Edit

Boxart Title Japanese title Release date
ChihuahuafriendsLabfriendsDachshund&FriendsBoxCover Chihuahua & Friends
Labrador & Friends
Dachshund & Friends
Flag of Japan April 21, 2005
Flag of the United States August 22, 2005
Flag of Europe October 7, 2005
Flag of Australia September 22, 2005
Flag of South Korea May 3, 2007
Flag of the People's Republic of China December 12, 2009
Nintendogs Best Friends (NA) Best Friends N/A Flag of the United States October 24, 2005
DalmationFriends Dalmatian & Friends N/A Flag of the United States October 16, 2006
Flag of Europe June 16, 2006
Flag of Australia November 2, 2006

Platform: Nintendo DS

Nintendogs + Cats Edit

Platform: Nintendo 3DS