We aim to keep Nintendogs Wiki a safe place for everyone of all ages. By abiding by our rules, you must make sure that you follow them carefully, otherwise a block/warning will be issued.

General RulesEdit

  • Strong language, explicit sexual content or gore (Even on the profile) is NOT allowed on this wiki. Nintendogs is family-friendly and this wiki could have some minors browsing the pages.
  • Do not speak in spam, or "leetspeak", that includes the comments on certain article pages.
  • This wiki is NOT a place to post your in-game dog or cat. This wiki aims to follow the source material of the video games, without any changes. However, you can post your in-game dog or cat on your userpage or blog. If the picture of your pet is in a breed page. The picture will remain but the name will be removed.
  • Rumors, or speculation are not allowed on the wiki pages. This includes all references to breeding.
  • No Vandalism. Don't replace a correct infomation with your incorrect information/memes/propaganda/rant/racist content/etc.