Nintendogs Wiki lies solely on giving information relating to the video games, and reading the following guidelines to keep within the styles of other pages will count towards that contribution.

Writing ArticlesEdit

  • Remember to check for spelling mistakes or sentence revisions.
  • Articles have to be written in third person.
  • Do not add "You", when writing articles. Putting "The player/owner" is fine.
  • Type in US English, since it's well more known. Some exceptions (Like quotations from PAL versions of the video game) apply.
  • Do NOT add any rumors, speculation, or false information.
  • Linking other articles on the page should only be seen where that word is first seen.

Spelling and PunctuationEdit

Article ExamplesEdit

Pet BreedsEdit

  • An opening paragraph that describes the breed.
    • Their "native name", is best fit for the Further Information section.
    • It must contain what games, or "mascots" they've been in. (For example, a Labrador Retriever, has been a mascot of the original Nintendogs game, as Labrador & Friends.)
  • A paragraph of the breed in Nintendogs. (Leave that out if they haven't appeared in Nintendogs at all)
    • It must describe the behavior of the breed.
    • It must have a clear picture of all of the coat colors.
  • A paragraph of the breed in Nintendogs + Cats.
    • Same as the last part. Only document differences from the predecessor if it shows any difference.
  • Their in-game description, that is completely taken from the video game(s).
    • It must be a direct quotation, with no liberties taken.
    • If a quotation comes from an American-English version of the video game, put "NTSC:" before it.