Nintendogs Cats 3DS

An Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS Displaying Nintendogs + Cats

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's successor to the Nintendo DS. It is capable of displaying three-dimensional graphics without the use of specialized glasses. It also has features that can be used with the 3DS Nintendogs version, Nintendogs + Cats, including the AR Cards that come included with the system.

The system has since succeeded by the New Nintendo 3DS.

Features that can be used with Nintendogs + CatsEdit

  • SpotPass: Activate SpotPass to receive DLC (Downloadable Content) for your game, including new neighbors.
  • StreetPass: When you pass by someone else who is using StreetPass and has a Nintendogs + Cats save file, some of their Nintendogs + Cats information is transferred to you. You can see the image and message that they set, and you can receive a gift from them if they chose to give one. Later, you may see their Mii walking their dog in your town.
  • Mii: When someone receives your information via StreetPass, they will be able to see your Mii.
  • AR Cards: The ? AR Card is extremely important. It is used for the Obedience Trial, as you need your dog to appear standing on the ? card while you tell it to do the required tricks. The other AR Cards may be used for other special features in the game.
  • SD Card: Since Nintendogs + Cats has an in-game camera feature, the pictures are stored on the 3DS's SD card, which can be removed when the 3DS is turned off and inserted into a computer's SD card slot. This makes it easy for a player to share their "photographs" online.

Nintendogs + Cats is exclusively for the system and is Nintendo's 3DS launch title along Steel Diver and Pliotwings Resort.