Nintendogs Cats 3DS

An Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS Displaying Nintendogs + Cats

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's successor to the Nintendo DS. It is capable of displaying three-dimensional graphics without the use of specialized glasses. It also has features that can be used with Nintendogs + Cats, including the AR Cards that come included with the system.

The system was upgraded with the New Nintendo 3DS.

Features that can be used with Nintendogs + Cats

  • SpotPass: Activate SpotPass to receive DLC (Downloadable Content) for your game, including new neighbors.
  • StreetPass: When you pass by someone else who is using StreetPass and has a Nintendogs + Cats save file, some of their Nintendogs + Cats information is transferred to you. You can see the image and message that they set, and you can receive a gift from them if they chose to give one. Later, you may see their Mii walking their dog in your town.
  • Mii: When someone receives your information via StreetPass, they will be able to see your Mii.
  • AR Cards: The ? AR Card is extremely important. It is used for the Obedience Trial, as you need your dog to appear standing on the ? card while you tell it to do the required tricks. The other AR Cards may be used for other special features in the game.
  • SD Card: Since Nintendogs + Cats has an in-game camera feature, the pictures are stored on the 3DS's SD card, which can be removed when the 3DS is turned off and inserted into a computer's SD card slot. This makes it easy for a player to share their "photographs" online.

New Nintendo 3DS

New nintendo 3ds black

The New Nintendo 3DS is the successor to the Nintendo 3DS. It has extra ZL and ZR buttons, as well as a C-Stick. Also, you can play Nintendogs and Nintendogs+Cats on the 3DS, 2DS, and even the new ones.

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