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Music Boxes are items that are found only in Nintendogs. There are four of them to collect, and are all only found on walks. While one of them is found in all versions, the other three are exclusive to each.

Each of them play a tune when the player turns the handle on the Touch Screen, while the "Dictionary" Box plays a distorted variation of whatever recording is on the White Record. Unlike other items, they cannot be dropped or thrown around the room.

Music Boxes

Icon Item Name Selling Price Version
ThemeMusicBox.png "Dog's Theme" Box $6.00 Dachshund & Friends
ThemeMusicBox.png "Mario's Theme" Box $6.00 Chihuahua & Friends
ThemeMusicBox.png "Puppy Waltz" Box $6.00 Labrador & Friends
ThemeMusicBox.png "Dictionary" Box $6.00 All


  • In the files, there is an unused model of a blue-colored music box which goes by "Mbox_d". It was unknown what song it would have contained.
  • The music box design is based off the Cylinder Box.