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The Marine Clock is an item in Nintendogs that falls under the category of "Clock" in the Supplies. It can be found on walks.

The clock itself has a faceted tritone appearance on both its rim and center, with the perimeter of the clock featuring washed-out seafoam and azure colors and the center of the clock having crisp shades of bleached yellow and blue. It sports a playful, asymmetrically bolded font in navy blue.

Like the other analog clocks in the game, it only gives the exact times for 12, 3, 6, and 9, allowing the player to read and interpret the clock hands.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs: "With a cool-blue color tone, this clock helps create a simple yet cool atmosphere."

How to Obtain

Chihuahua & Friends Found on Walks
Labrador & Friends Found on Walks
Dachshund & Friends Found on Walks
Dalmatian & Friends Found on Walks
Best Friends Found on Walks

In Other Languages

Language Name
Spanish Reloj marino


  • The font on the Marine Clock bears a slight resemblance to that of the time cards used in the popular television show, Spongebob Squarepants, which has a marine theme as it takes place underwater.