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The Longhair Pointed Cat (Japanese: ロングヘア Ronguhea) is a type of cat which only appears in Nintendogs + Cats.

Breed Information

The Longhair style kitten is meant to resemble Domestic Longhairs along with possible purebreds such as Persians, Himalayans, and Ragdolls.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs + Cats: "This cat's luxuriously soft fur, short nose, and big, round eyes give it extra charm."

In Nintendogs + Cats

Longhair Cats have very long, fluffy fur and a flat face. The type comes in two patterns: Pointed and Smoke. The Longhair also has a "Surprise Me!" option.


Pointed Longhair (left: "socks").

The Longhair Pointed resembles a Himalayan. Unlike Pointed Orientals, a Pointed Longhair can have "socks" or white paws. This breed's point colors include lemon, ginger, brown, gray, and black. The color point on the cat's face can come in somewhat different shapes, including a sort of star shape.

Like the Pointed Oriental, the Pointed Longhair's eyes are not always blue.

Smoke Longhair (left: half-white).


The Longhair Smoke resembles a Persian and can be solid, bicolor, or solid with a white mask. The masks that this cat can have vary in size and shape, and the bicolor cats can vary in pattern. The colors of the Smoke Longhair include black, brown, silver, blue, ginger, and cream.

Surprise Me!

White Longhair kitten.

The "Surprise Me!" option brings up random Longhair kittens, sometimes with an odd color tint to their fur or a star-faced colorpoint pattern. White kittens are possible but are very rare.


  • A white and peach Longhair Pointed Cat named Precious frequents the Café Petrov. Precious wears a new accessory every time the player meets him.





  • It has been noted by scientists that the color points on pointed cats like the Himalayan are the areas of the cat's body that have a cooler temperature.
  • It is the most expensive cat breed.