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This page is a list of all tricks learned in the original Nintendogs.

If you were looking for tricks in Nintendogs + Cats, click here.

Basic Tricks

  • "Sit" command
  • "Lie Down" command
  • "Shake" command
  • "Roll Over" command
  • "Spin" command
  • "Beg" command


Pet the dog's head, then slide the stylus down.


When the dog is sitting, touch its paw and lift it. Make sure to use the same paw or it'll get confused.

There are four different variations of this trick. It can be taught on either the left or right paw, and can be done while standing or sitting.

Holding the dog's paw for too long might cause it to become angry. If this occurs, give it a treat to calm it down.

Lie Down

Make the dog Sit, then slide its head down again using the touch screen.

Play Dead

When the dog is lying down, slide the stylus either to the left or right to make it lay on its side.

Note: This trick is NOT counted as "Roll Over" in Obedience Competitions.

Roll Over

Petting the dog's belly while in the "Play Dead" position can make it roll over on its back.


When the dog turns around, touch its tail and hold it until the dog spins either clockwise or counterclockwise.

After doing this multiple times, some dogs may get angry and they'll need a toy or treat in order to continue. This only happens while the dog is learning the trick.


When the dog turns around and shakes, tap the air to make the dog jump.


Not to be confused with Stand. A Begging Nintendog will rest on its haunches; Stand raises the dog completely off the ground.

Slide the dog's head up on the touch screen and it will do a begging motion.

It takes practice to learn how to do this trick. Some dogs are not loyal enough to do it and will only wobble on their back legs for a short time and look at the ceiling.

Advanced Tricks

  • "Stand" command
  • "Handstand" command
  • "Waddle" command
  • "Bunny Hop" command
Advanced Tricks are tricks that the player is not given the instructions for, and must discover on their own.

Some Advanced Tricks take more patience to learn, because a dog will only perform them if their bond with their owner is strong enough. Most Advanced Tricks are taught through commanding the dog to perform easier tricks in succession, so they require the dog to already know basic commands.

If a trick requires the dog to already know a basic command in order to learn it, then the component tricks must be performed immediately after one another-- without petting or rewarding the dog-- or else it will perform the commands as separate tricks.


While your dog is scratching the floor, go to the Home Screen. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.

Your dog is more likely to scratch while it is "Filthy."


While your dog is licking itself, go to the Home Screen. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.

Dogs will usually lick themselves after they have eaten.


If you see your dog yawn, go to the Home Screen. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.

Dogs can be encouraged to yawn with the Naptime Record. If using the record, make sure that the game system's volume is off when giving the voice command, or it will pick up the music in the background.


Tap the dog's nose. Ah, Ah, ACHOOO!


Tap your dog's back paw while turned. It will calmly tap its hind foot like it is trying to shake dirt off of its paw.


This trick requires the keyboard. Once you have the dog's attention, focus the camera on it and tap the piano keys in whatever order you'd like. The dog can memorize up to 15 notes. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.

High Five

Similar to the Shake command, but the dog will hold its paw higher in the air.

Tell the dog to Sit. Then drag the dog’s paw all the way up to the top of the touch screen. Let go and it will hold it there for a short while. Then quickly tap the Training Icon.

After teaching the dog the trick, it will raise its paw up and hold it there, as though it is high fiving the player.

Rear Up

Dogs cannot learn this trick if there is only one Nintendog in the house.

While dogs are playing with each other, they will sometimes rear up on their hind legs and playfully wave their front paws in the air. When you see your puppy doing this, go to the Home Screen. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.


Tell the dog to Sit, then tell it to Jump.


Tell your dog to Roll Over, then tell it to Jump.

Rodeo Jump

When your dog is doing the Breakdance trick, tell it to Frontflip.


Whistle into the microphone, or wait for a firetruck or a dog barking from outside (in-game) to sound off and the dog will automatically howl. When this happens, go to the Home Screen. The training icon should appear in the top right corner.

This takes a lot of patience to learn, because the firetruck and neighboring dogs can only be heard a few times every day.


Tell the dog to Roll Over for 1 second, then immediately tell it to Spin. The dog will contort itself while on its back, causing it to spin around.


Command the dog to Beg, then lift its paw up into the air. When it reaches the top of the touch screen, let go. The dog will balance on its hind legs, though it may wobble a little.


Tell the dog to Lie Down, then to Beg.


Command the dog to Beg and Spin. It will assume the Beg position and waddle awkwardly in a circle, like a toy soldier.

Bunny Hop

Tell the dog to Stand, then to Jump. It will begin leaping on its hind legs like a rabbit, which may look a little awkward!

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