Keyboard (Japanese: 電子ピアノ Denji piano) is an item that appears in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. It is obtained from the Discount Store in Nintendogs, while it can be exchanged for a certain amount of materials at the Secondhand Shop.

It is an electronic piano, which can alternate between instruments or pitch (by tapping the arrow in Nintendogs only) and can be used to play songs, only with one finger. In Nintendogs + Cats, the piano now features playable tunes, that can be selected at the top.

Tapping the piano keys on the Touch Screen can make music, which will allow the player's pet to sing along to the key that is being played.



"This electric piano boasts impressive functionality for those who enjoy music."

Nintendogs + Cats

NTSC: "This impressive electric piano makes playing music fun."
PAL: "This multifunctional electric piano makes playing music fun."


In Nintendogs

In Nintendogs + Cats

Once you select to play with the Keyboard, it will take up your touch screen. When you play notes on the keyboard, your pets will bark/meow the notes that you have just played. If you press one of the buttons picturing instruments, it will change the instrument sound that plays when you hit the keys. If you press one of the six square buttons at the top, a tune will begin playing and the keys that are being played will light up. If you successfully play along with the tune (on the harder songs, you may not have to play the entire thing), then your puppy/puppies will congratulate you with a howl/meow.

Instrument buttons

  • Piano
  • Drum
  • Violin
  • Dog barking
  • Cat meowing

Tune buttons

  • Bell: A tune that is usually played hourly by grandfather clocks.
  • Music note: The first eight notes of Nintendogs theme played by a xylophone.
  • Cake: The "Happy Birthday" theme.
  • Star: The invincibility theme from Super Mario Bros. games, when the player catches an invincibility star, only this theme has been slowed down on the keyboard. This one will go on constant loop until you tap the button again.
  • Mushroom: A slow version of the 1-Up jingle Super Mario Bros.
  • Mario: The Super Mario Bros. theme. This is the same as a background music of Mario House except that it's slowed down. This one will go on constant loop until the button is tapped again.
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