The Jump Rope is an item that falls under the category of "Toys" in the Supplies. It is a toy for puppies to jump over continuously. It cannot be found on walks, however it is occasionally purchasable from the Discount Shop once the player has enough Trainer Points. It sells for $4 at the Secondhand Shop.


DS: "Grab the handle, start swinging, and the dogs will join in."

How to playEdit

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Two dogs getting ready to play with the Jump Rope, with the player holding one end while the third dog is holding the other end.

You will need at least two dogs at home. Take out the Jump Rope, and one dog will grab the other end while you will spin it and the other puppy will jump. If there are three dogs at home, two will be jumping. They often tend to switch places while jumping for no particular reason, though it makes it more likely for you to accidentally smack them. If you smack a dog when they're airborne, they will fly up and land with a thud. This may be amusing, but it lowers your Trainer Points. Eventually, your dogs may become tired (depending on their personality) and they will not want to jump anymore. However, the dog holding onto the other end of the jump rope is forced to stay there until you put the jump rope away again. Using the jump rope will make your puppies thirsty very quickly, so make sure you have some water or milk in the "Care" category in your Supplies ready for use.


  • It has been known that if you can keep a rally of jumps going for a long amount of time, your dog will improve in Agility Trials, especially when jumping over the hurdles and the double-hurdles.
  • There is a glitch here the dog holding the Jump Rope will walk around while holding the jump Rope, not noticing the fact. You can mess with the other side of the jump rope but it will not effect the dog. The glitch ends when you put the toy away. The glitch happens when you are playing with the Jump Rope and you enter the inventory a few times although it doesn't always work.