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A picture of a golden present in the player's journal, given via a SpotPass President.

The Journal (Japanese: 手帳 Techō) (called Diary in the PAL version) is a new feature introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. The player can use it to make handwritten notes and to communicate with other owners via StreetPass.

Setting Up The Journal

If the player does not have their journal set up yet, they need a Secure Digital (SD) card. The SD card is where the player can create a journal save file. If the player does not have an SD card, or they choose not to create a save file, they will not be able to use StreetPass or use the journal at all.

If the player has an SD card, they must insert it in the SD Card Slot to the side of the 3DS. The player must not take out the card while the 3DS is on, and must not turn off the 3DS while a journal save file is being created.

After the save file is created, the journal is ready for use. If the SD card has reached its maximum amount of pictures (3000), the player must get a new card and create a new journal save file. Doing so will not affect the game in any way.

Journal Controls


The top right corner of the journal shows an eraser. The player can use it to drag and slide it over notes they have written to erase them.

Owner Info

The player can select a Mii character, set a present to give out, set a photo of their pets, and also create a short message for other users to see with the owner-information feature. Furthermore, the player can see how many StreetPass Tags and Owner Points they have.

StreetPass Info

Presented in a gift box, the player can open it to see information about an owner they have met via StreetPass. The player can meet up with their puppies/kittens at the park.


  • If the player did not make a Mii character in the Mii Maker application, their nickname will not appear in their Owner Info.
  • If the player's journal is not set up, they cannot access the Pedometer.