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The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog available in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. It is the mascot of Golden Retriever & New Friends.

Breed Information

Official artwork of the Golden Retriever for Nintendogs + Cats

Sir Dudley Majorabanks (also known as Lord Tweedmouth) is credited for the creation of the Golden Retriever breed, near Loch Ness in the 1860s. Though originally they were bred as the "ultimate hunting dog", the Golden Retriever tends to be portrayed as the perfect family dog. As the name suggests, they love to fetch-- they were originally duck hunting companions, raised to retrieve birds such as ducks and quail after being shot. But Golden Retrievers are also loyal, patient, great with strangers, eager to please, and incredibly intelligent. They can learn many commands and are one of the easiest breeds to train.

Famous goldens in real life include Air Bud from the Air Bud series by Disney and its related Air Buddies movies, which include retriever puppies B-Dawg, Rosebud, Bud-dha, Mudbud, and Budderball.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs: "This large breed originates in England and boasts a lovely wavy coat and a fine temperament."
  • Nintendogs + Cats:
    (NTSC): "This large breed originates in Scotland and boasts a wavy coat and fine temperament."
    (PAL): "This large breed originates in Scotland and boasts a wavy coat and a fine temperament."

Unlocking the Breed


Chihuahua & Friends Obtain 10,000 Trainer Points
Labrador & Friends Obtain 20,000 Trainer Points
Dachshund & Friends Starter Breed
Dalmatian & Friends Starter Breed
Best Friends Starter Breed
Chihuahua & FriendsJA Unobtainable
Shiba Inu & FriendsJA Unobtainable
Dachshund & FriendsJA Unobtainable

Nintendogs + Cats

Toy Poodle & New Friends Obtain 9,800 Owner Points
Play for 31 days in a row
Golden Retriever & New Friends Starter Breed
French Bulldog & New Friends Obtain 9,800 Owner Points
Play for 31 days in a row

In Nintendogs

In Nintendogs, the Golden Retriever only has three colors, similar to almost every other breed. These colors are golden, golden red, and golden yellow.

In Nintendogs + Cats

The Golden Retriever has one color option-- Golden-- though it comes in various shades.

If the player chooses "Surprise Me!", they may find:

  • a pure white Golden Retriever
  • a white Golden Retriever with golden patches, similar to a Jack Russell's Lemon & White coat pattern.


Nintendogs + Cats



Nintendogs + Cats


  • While Golden Retrievers do not appear in the original Japanese version of Nintendogs, there's some leftover data relating to them in the form of text strings and the placeholder Beagle model, I came to the function of scrapping plans to include the Papillon and Maltese breeds.
  • Golden Retrievers, and Shiba Inus are the only Nintendogs + Cats mascot breeds without a Super Smash Bros Assist trophy.
  • The in-game description of the Golden Retriever in Nintendogs incorrectly states that the breed originated in England. This was corrected in Nintendogs + Cats where it states it originated in Scotland.