Dog Biscuits (DS)

A Dog Biscuit is a treat that can be unlocked through Trainer Points at the discount shop only. It has a resemblance to a Custard Cream biscuit in the DS version, while it resembles a circular ice cream wafer in the 3DS version, where it is simply called Biscuit. Like the Jerky Treat and all other biscuits in the 3DS version, it is a first come first serve basis to who eats the biscuit, since it is thrown rather than placed on the ground. Also, dogs can eat the biscuit out of their owners' hands.



Dog Biscuits (3DS)

Nintendogs: "This low-calorie digestive treat makes for the perfect doggie snack. (Single Count)"

Nintendogs + Cats: "Treats like these are great for teaching tricks or on walks."

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