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Competitions (Japanese: 大会 Taikai) (known as Contests in Nintendogs) are one of the main features of the Nintendogs series. They allow a dog to be judged based on their performance in various sports. Placing in competitions is one of the main ways to earn money in the Nintendogs series.

In both of the entries, there are three competitions where any dog many enter. There are five cups (known as classes in Nintendogs) which become progressively more difficult, and reward more money for top three placements.

There is a limit to the amount of competitions the player can enter in a single day. In Nintendogs, each dog the player owns cannot enter more than three contests per day. In Nintendogs + Cats, the player can only take part in the same competition twice per day. If the system's time setting is changed, the player may be temporarily unable to enter a competition.


In Nintendogs, the player could enter three contests, which are hosted by commentators Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs. There are five classes; the Beginner Class, Open Class, Expert Class, Master Class, and Championship.

Disc Competition

Disc Competitions are events where the player and their dog compete for points. Points are earned by throwing and catching flying discs within the given time limit. Points are determined by the area in which the dog catches the disc in. The further away the catch, the more points are earned. An additional point is earned if the dog catches the disc in midair. The player can practice for disc competitions at the park.

Agility Trial

Agility Trials are events where the player's dog makes its way through an obstacle course. The order in which obstacles must be cleared are displayed on the top screen. Failing to clear an obstacle or clearing it out of order deducts five points from the total score. The player can practice for agility trials at the gymnasium.

Obedience Trial

Obedience Trials require the use of the built-in microphone on the Nintendo DS. In obedience trials, the player's dog must perform specific commands within the given time limit. The required commands are followed by a free performance. The dog's performance is then ranked by the judges. The score is not only based on the dog's performance, but also the dog's grooming. The Obedience Trial Book lists the commands used in each class.

Training a dog the same trick repeatedly will make the dog hold the trick for longer in obedience trials, as hinted by NPCs found on walks: "After I trained my dog to lie down over and over again, [name] can lie down for a really long time now!"

Nintendogs + Cats

In Nintendogs + Cats, the competitions make a return. There are five cups; the Junior Cup, Amateur Cup, Pro Cup, Master Cup, and Nintendogs Cup. The Agility Trial from Nintendogs is replaced with Lure Coursing, which involves the dog trying to chase a lure in a race.

Disc Competition

Victory item: Crown

Junior Cup: Throw the disc for the dog to catch. The area the dog catches it in determines the amount of points you will get. If the dog catches it while the dog jumps, you will get extra points.

Amateur Cup: Bonus Area - You will earn 2 extra points for catching the disc in the bonus area.

Pro Cup & above: Sandpits - Sandpits slow the dog down.

Lure Coursing

Victory item: Collar

Junior Cup: A normal race, with turns.

Amateur Cup: Lanes cross at certain points in the race.

Pro Cup: Hurdles - You will have to lure your dog over the hurdle by squeaking your lure.

Master & Nintendogs Cup: Triple Hurdles.

Obedience Trial

Victory item: Specs

Required tricks to be learned:

Victory Specs for winning the Nintendogs Cup of the Obedience Trial.

Junior Cup: Sit Down, Left Paw and Right Paw

Amateur Cup: Lie Down, Play Dead and Spin

Pro Cup: Roll Over, Sit Up and Jump

Master Cup: Say Please, Stand Up, Cheer and Sneeze

Nintendogs Cup: Beg, Handstand and Breakdance


  • There is a typo when the player tries to enter their dog into the competition when their dog is either thirsty or hungry. When the player tries to do it, the notice will say "You can't enter the competition when it's thirsty/hungry!". This was fixed in Nintendogs + Cats.
  • Archie Hubbs is no longer a commentator in Nintendogs + Cats.
  • It is not required to learn "Howl" to participate in the Nintendogs Cup.
  • The player cannot enter disc competitions without a flying disc and lure coursing without a lure. In Nintendogs, for some reason the player can enter dogs that do not know any tricks into obedience trials. This was changed in Nintendogs + Cats.
  • In Nintendogs + Cats, the harder the cup, the more sounding of rock music can be heard playing in the background. This only plays in the Disc Competition and Lure Coursing.