Competitions (Japanese: 大会 Taikai) are one of the main features of the Nintendogs series. They allow a dog to be judged based on their skills, dependant on what kind of sport they're doing. If they do well enough, they could win prizes and probably be eligible to move onto a higher level.

In both of the entries, there are three competitions where any dog many enter. They start out small, at the Junior Cup (Japanese: ジュニアカップ Junior Cup), and work their way up to the Nintendogs Cup (Japanese: nintendogsカップ nintendogs Cup) (known as the Championship in Nintendogs).

Overview Edit

Once a dog has learned their first trick, they can be able to go out. One of the options involve participating in a competition, and they can try to win prizes.

Nintendogs Edit

In the first game of the Nintendogs franchise, the player could enter three mini games that were featured as competitions.

  • Disc Competition
  • Agility Trial
  • Obedience Trial

All of which were hosted by commentators Ted Rumsworth and Archie Hubbs .

Disc Competition Edit

Agility Trial Edit

Obedience Trial Edit

Nintendogs + Cats Edit

In Nintendogs + Cats, the competitions make a return. This time, the player can now play a new sport called Lure Coursing, which involves the dog trying to chase the lure in a race.

In the more recent addition to the Nintendogs franchise, the player could still participate  in both the disc competition as well as the obedience trail. However, the Agility Trail would be replaced with the Lure Course. Additionally, all three competitions now have more levels.

Disc Competition Edit

Victory item: Crown

Junior Cup: Throw the disc for the dog to catch. The area the dog catches it in determines the amount of points you will get. If the dog catches it while the dog jumps, you will get extra points.

Amateur Cup: Bonus Area - You will earn 2 extra points for catching the disc in the bonus area.

Pro Cup & above: Sandpits - Sandpits slow the dog down.

Lure Course Edit

Victory item: Collar (medal)

Junior Cup: A normal race, with turns.

Amateur Cup: There are cross lanes, which is self explanatory. Lanes that cross.

Pro cup: Hurdles. You will have to lure your dog over the hurdle by squeaking your lure.

Master & Nintendogs Cup: Triple Hurdles.

Obedience Trial Edit

Victory item: Specs 

N + C 078

Victory Specs for winning the Nintendogs Cup of the Obedience Trial.

Junior Cup: learn Sit, left paw and right paw

Amateur Cup: Lie down, play dead and spin

Pro Cup: roll over, sit up and jump

Master Cup: say please, stand, cheer and sneeze

Nintendogs Cup: beg, handstand and break dance


  • There is a typo when the player tries to enter their dog into the competition when their dog is either thirsty or hungry. When the player tries to do it, the notice will say "You can't enter the competition when it's thirsty/hungry!". This was fixed in Nintendogs + Cats.
  • As of the Nintendogs + Cats, Archie is no longer a commentator.
  • It is not required to learn "Howl" to participate in the Nintendogs Cup.
  • You can't enter Disc Competition without a flying disc and Lure Coursing without a lure. Your dog can't enter a certain cup for Obedience Trial if they have not learned certain tricks.
  • In Nintendogs + Cats, the harder the cup, the more sounding of rock music can be heard playing in the background. This only plays in the Disc Competition and Lure Coursing.