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Official artwork of the three cat breeds

Cats were first introduced in Nintendogs + Cats, the sequel to Nintendogs.

Unlike puppies, cats are referred to by "type", not by breed. This means that the cats in-game do not line up with named cat breeds (i.e. Maine Coons, Russian Blues) but encompass a broad spectrum of cats.

The three types are Standard, Oriental, and Longhair. There are no other cat types or colors to unlock.


Cats will only become available for purchase at the Kennel after starting the game. They are neither available as a starter breed nor are they exclusive to any particular version of Nintendogs + Cats, and do not require Owner Points to unlock.



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  • Kittens will occasionally bring the player gifts.
  • In Nintendogs, Archie Hubbs mentioned that a cat had been around his house to mark its territory.
  • The Oriental Kitten and Longhair Kitten share the same color options, similarly to the Basset Hound and Beagle.