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Café Petrov is a café in Nintendogs + Cats that sells food for dogs at a low price. It can be accessed by walking to the brown sign in Downtown route. When the player enters the cafe, they will meet the barista named Ellie. They can buy an item from the menu for their dog in order to access the café room.

The dog will eat the food that the player has ordered. The highest amount of money you will need to pay will be $7. If you have a male dog, the eating of Doggie Mont Blanc will add 20 owner points, whilst a female dog gets 35 points. Though a male dog gets the benifit of eating a doggie shortcake, in which they get 20 points, whilst a female dog only gets 10. The cafe food is fattening though, and is best to avoid if your trying to get your pup to lose weight-moderation is key with this food and is best for your dog to eat repeatedly but in moderation if they need to gain weight.

There is a male orange-pointed Longhaired cat named Precious who is Ellie's pet and can be played with. The creators have said that Precious helps encourages the players to buy a cat due to Precious's cuteness (which was specially designed by the artists). The player can also come here at random times if they meet a neighborhood friend whose pet gets along well with theirs, but Precious the cat will not be there. Precious nearly always has a different outfit. Precious seems to be Overfed, probably from eating café food.


Food Price
Doggie Mont Blanc & Tea/Juice/Coffee $7
Doggie Custard & Tea/Juice/Coffee $5
Doggie Shortcake & Tea/Juice/Coffee $6

The combination of the food and drinks will be different every time the player enters the café, and the more expensive the treat, the more owner points it gives.


  • If the player looks at the back of the Maple Leaf Rag Record, there is a picture of some Doggie Shortcake.
  • There is a record player on a stand next to the counter with eight records on the rack (four at the top rack and four at the bottom). The records (listed from northwest to southeast,) are Dog & Cat, Telephone, Csikos Post, The Flea Waltz/Stepped on a Cat, Up in the Clouds, Swordplay, Club Dog, and Surprise Beat.
  • Whenever the player comes to the café alone with their pet, Precious will always be wearing a different accessory as stated by some of the Neighbors.
  • A dog cafe appears in Nintendogs, but is only in the background during a walk. The player cannot visit this cafe.