The Beagle (Japanese: ビーグル Beagle) is a breed of dog available in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats

Description and Temperament

The in-game description in the 3DS version says that the breed Beagle is English and the 3DS version description refers to how the English use this breed for hunting sport. Modern Beagles originated around 1830. Their noses are second only to the Bloodhound. Beagles are also a large part of popular culture. Snoopy from the Peanuts comic strip, Grape Ape's companion Beegle Beagle, and the superhero Underdog are such examples. The Beagle is the dog breed most often used for animal testing due to its calm and gentle temperament.

Unlocking the Beagle

  • Labrador & Friends: 14,000 Trainer Points
  • Dachshund & Friends: Starter Breed
  • Chihuahua & Friends: 16,000 Trainer Points
  • Dalmatian & Friends: Starter Breed
  • Best Friends: Starter Breed
  • Toy Poodle & New Friends: 3,400 Owner Points or play 15 days in a row
  • Golden Retriever & New Friends: Starter Breed
  • French Bulldog & New Friends: 3,400 Owner Points or play 15 days in a row

Nintendogs + Cats Beagles

In Nintendogs + Cats, the Beagle comes in Tricolor and Lemon & White. If you pick "Surprise me!" you may find a white, dark brown, copper, or Grey Beagle, or a white Beagle with dark grey patches. Normally these dogs are easy to train.

Flavor Texts

DS & 3DS:   "Although small in stature, this sporting English breed boasts a densly muscled frame."



  • Cole, owned by Chuck
  • Buster, owned by Leslie


  • Zoe/Lisa, owned by Rosa/Nikki
  • Him and Her, owned by L. Johnson (Distributed Content)
  • Bella/Pepper, owned by Jamie/Kathy (Contests only)


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