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The Beach Ball (Japanese: ビーチボール (Bīchibōru) is a yellow, blue, red, green, and white striped beach ball that is introduced in Nintendogs + Cats. The blue stripe has "Paradise" printed on it, and it can be bought from the BARC shop for $12 once it is unlocked with 8,200 Owner Points or by playing for 27 days or on walks. On walks, the player can find them on the Seaside Route. It is extremely bouncy.

Sometimes, in Nintendogs + Cats, if a dog and a cat don't get along, playing with each other with an object they can't pick up in their mouth often helps, such as a beach ball or a soccer ball.

In-Game Description

Nintendogs + Cats: "Bring your seaside fun indoors with this bouncy beach ball!"