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A Chihuahua wearing a collar accessory.

Accessories is the name of a category of items in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats. For both games, there are three types of accessories: headgear, eyewear, and collars. In Nintendogs, a pet can only wear one accessory at a time while in Nintendogs + Cats, a pet can wear three at once, with one accessory from each type.

In Nintendogs, accessories can be found on walks, given as a gift from a pet, or occasionally bought from the Discount Store. In Nintendogs + Cats, there is a shop that sells only accessories, called Coletta. In addition, the player can also buy items from BARC and its accessory-only stores found at the end of walks.

When a dog is being walked, if the dog wasn't wearing a collar before being walked they will have a purple leather collar on. When bathing a pet, any accessory they were wearing will be absent during the wash.

List of Accessories (Nintendogs)

Headgear Version Image
Red Ribbon All
Yellow Ribbon All
Checked Ribbon All
Striped Ribbon All
Red Polka-Dot Ribbon All
Blue Polka-Dot Ribbon All
Tricolor Ribbon All
Purple Pearl Ribbon All
Green Pearl Ribbon All
Rose All
Hibiscus Flower All
Lily All
Ten-Gallon Hat All
Yellow Cap All
Red & Blue Cap All
Beret All
Straw Hat All
Newsboy Hat All
Red Hat All
Green Hat All
Knit Hat All
Pirate Hat All
Tiara All
Crown All
Rack of Deer Antlers All
Graduation Cap All
Party Hat All
Top Hat All
Sombrero All
Viking Hat All
Santa's Hat All
New Year's Tiara All
Fireman's Hat All (Dalmatian & Friends)
Rainbow Wig All
Lion's Mane All
Eyewear Version Image
Pair of Business Glasses
Pair of Party Glasses
Pair of Scholar Glasses
Pair of Sport Glasses
Collars Version Image
Leather Collar All
Camo Collar All
Denim Collar All
Dot Collar All
Flower Collar All
Japanese Print Collar All
Lucky Collar All
Platinum Collar All
Rainbow Collar All
Rhinestone Collar All
Spiked Collar All
Woven Collar All
Pearl Necklace All

List of Accessories (Nintendogs + Cats)

Headgear Version Image
Eyewear Version Image
Collars Version Image
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