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The "Surprise" Record (Japanese: 「びっくりシンフォニー」 Bikkuri Symphony) is an item in Nintendogs that falls under the category of Music in the Supplies. It is known to be one of the set of records which "evokes nature", so it has a blue center.

In-Game Description

  • Nintendogs: "Composed by Haydn, this is one of six mystical records that evoke nature."


At a certain part of the song, the music will swell, frightening the player's puppy and decreasing Trainer Points. If the player keeps replaying the loud part during a single session, the puppy will become less surprised. It will eventually just stare at the player instead of flinching. At this point, the player will have to wait a while before the puppy can be startled with the record again.

Using this record is one of the methods the player can use to teach their puppy a new trick.

How to Obtain

The "Surprise" Record can be found uncommonly on walks as a present. It sells for $9 at the Secondhand Shop.

Chihuahua & Friends Found on Walks
Labrador & Friends Found on Walks
Dachshund & Friends Found on Walks
Dalmatian & Friends Found on Walks
Best Friends Found on Walks

In Other Languages

Language Name
Japanese 「びっくりシンフォニー」
French "Symphonie surprise"
Spanish Sinfonía "La sorpresa"
Chinese 《惊愕交响曲》